3 Aspects of Finding a Professional Translator

binocular for finding a translator
Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider

Finding a professional translator is like choosing a new smartphone. You go online and try to find out about the new models as much as possible. There are plenty of reviews and videos about smartphones.

When you look for a translator you can generally do the same — go online. But wait… are there translation shops and reviews of translators?

This article will help you to understand where and how to find a professional translator for your project.

Where Can You Find a Translator?

Be careful finding translators on sites for freelancers. You don’t buy a smartphone in a shop selling everything from food to electronics. You go to a specialized shop with smartphones.

It is recommended to use platforms and groups in social media for professional translators such as Proz.com, ATA website, TranslatorsCafe, etc.

What Characteristics a Professional Translator Should Have?

Just like smartphones, translators also have characteristics.

They may have various professional backgrounds. As the brochure by the American Translation Academy says, it is extremely risky to go to teachers, students and academics. They may help you with some inbound translation but a promotional text needs a professional approach.

A degree in translation is important. But experience is crucial.

Look for translation examples if you want to find an experienced translator. The examples are usually published in the translator’s bio or on their website.

Look for testimonials. If a translator has testimonials you can be confident in their reputation.

Find translators which are native in their target language. A proper translation can be made only by someone who speaks the language of translation since their childhood and has been immersed in the target language environment for a long time.

Translators should specialize in your field. Don’t hire a professional specializing in IT for a translation of a document about a nuclear power station.

How to Communicate with Translators?

When you find a translator that seems to suit you, tell them as much details about your project as possible. The more information a translator has, the more productive will be your collaboration. A good translator will request lots of information to make sure that they understand the purpose of your project and can seamlessly adapt the text for the target audience.

Texts for translation often contain information which may be not relevant to the new market. Scan your document for such segments and inform the translation about the irrelevant parts. During translation these parts may be transcreated — adapted for the target audience.

Now you have a better understanding of how to find a translator. If you need to translate a website, document, press release, report or software from English into Russian, contact Galina Chuchadeeva, a professional English to Russian translator with more than 7 years of experience in IT, crypto, fashion and tourism.